OAS Permanent Council Commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the Organization of American States

Ambassador Carlos Trujillo, Permanent Representative of United States of America to the OAS addresses the Permanent Council, April 30, 2018. (OAS Photo)

Ambassador Carlos Trujillo
OAS Special Meeting of the Permanent Council
Commemoration OAS 70th Anniversary
April 30, 2018

Thank you, Mr. Chair, and Mr. Secretary General.

Today marks an important opportunity for all member states, including my own, to reflect on the founding principles of this Organization set forth in its Charter and the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man.

We, as member states of this Organization, have a long tradition of working together to advance the freedom, democracy, prosperity and security for our peoples.

We have a responsibility to make real for all the citizens of the Americas the promise of the OAS Charter to show us the way of advancing human dignity and individual liberty in our Hemisphere.

We all know this Organization and its member states face challenges. We also know that the principles of representative democracy and human rights are permanent.

We must address the challenges that face us squarely — confident and determined of our mission and purpose.

Events in Venezuela over the last few years have constituted an enormous challenge to this organization, and to its members.

Almost one year from today, Venezuela will become the first member state to abandon this Organization and the principles of representative democracy and human rights enshrined in the Charter we commemorate and uphold today.

Let us take the occasion of this 70th anniversary to re-commit ourselves to the principles we cherish; to strengthen the Organization’s ability to deliver on the promise of the 1948 Charter; and let us capitalize on this moment to build on our common history with a mutual purpose to achieve hemispheric peace and prosperity.  Thank you.